Installation Maintenance

Welcome to Delf Australia Electrical & Data

Delf Australia works to provide a comprehensive AV system that meets our clients’ communication needs.

Complete Solutions

Delf Australia seeks to offer a collaborative relationship with our clients to understand their needs and recommend solutions to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

• Informed Advice

We provide on-going support for our AV systems and products through warranty and maintenance programmes to ensure the solution’s usability and our client’s satisfaction.

Best Value

Delf Australia seeks to provide the best possible value and return on investment for clients.

Systems Compatibility

We design and provide installed solutions which are fully integrated and create a stable and viable system.


Delf Australia designs and builds systems that promote ease-of-use, long term cost effectiveness and upgradeability.

Clear Scope of Work

Delf Australia specifies in our proposals and quotations all the necessary components and services required to complete a fully functional AV system. Any limitations or options are clearly identified to our clients.

Appropriate Documentation

Delf Australia supplies appropriate documentation for equipment and systems provided as specified in the proposal and quotation.

Expert Technical Staff

We are committed to providing our staff with ongoing training to keep abreast of new developments in AV technology and solutions.

Training Support

Delf Australia provides professional training services to help our clients become proficient in using AV Technologies and systems and to advance their communication goals.

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